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Conceivably the FIRST Oil Deliver Truck in Boston! This would have been Mickey's truck after he retired the horse and carriage.

Three generations ago in 1926, Giuseppe Eosco started a business delivering ice and coal with a horse drawn cart in the Roxbury area in the early 1940’s his son, Mike Eosco bought the first fuel oil delivery truck and serviced customers in the Roxbury, Jamaica Plain and greater Boston area under the name M. Eosco Fuel.

Three generations later, in 1960, Michael’s son Joseph Eosco started his own company called Eveready Heat which was a heating/ burner service business. Knowing the importance of providing good service along with a quality product, M. Eosco Fuel, Eveready Heat and A third Company and friend Vincent’s Oil merged in 1978 under the name Vincent Oil located in Roxbury.

When the company moved their offices from Roxbury to Norwood in 1981 they also made a name change to Norwood Energy Corp spreading their territory to all of the\greater Boston suburbs. The customer base was approximately 1500 at this time.

In December of 1989, Norwood Energy Corp merged with Amendola Fuel expanding their concentration in the Brookline and northern Boston area. In April of 1992, Tropical Oil was purchased to solidify the Boston area.

In December 1994, Fossil Energy of Foxborough was purchased to expand our south suburban business area. Norwood Energy Corp now employs up to 15 employees during the busy oil heating season to accommodate our growing customer base.”

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